Rock Armour

Rock Armour | Ireland & UK

Foyle & Marine Dredging have vast experience, capabilities, and skillsets for working with rock armour. Over the past 15-plus years, we have constructed various rock breakwaters, rock revetments, and rock groynes between Ireland & the UK. 

With capabilities of:

  • Lifting & placing 10-tonne rocks at a distance of 30 meters, 
  • the option of transporting rocks by land or water to the work area 
  • having the ability to select from a wide range of in-house equipment,
  • placing geotextile membranes on either revetment slopes or along seabed floors

Foyle & Marine Dredging can always offer a solution, and a suitable construction methodology, which will align with the natural geographical restraints of a project’s location and clients’ requirements. 

Some revetment constructions require a combination of both land and marine-based equipment to achieve the installations, due to the revetment length. This is where Foyle & Marine Dredging excels, by having the selection of a wide range of floating dredgers and long-reach excavators, Foyle & Marine Dredging can handle the placement of geotextiles and rock armour over long distances.