Leith Outer Berth  


FMD was contracted as a subcontractor to Graham Constructions to complete the following scopes of work as part of the Leith Outer Berth project; 

    • Demolition of existing steel outer jetty structure. This included the demolition and disposal of 8 no. X 22m long gangways, 8.no steel dolphin structures, a top deck and lower deck and front timber fender panels and 25.no steel tubular piles. 
    • Dredging and disposing of 88,000m3 of soft to hard seabed materials from the revetement and berth pocket. The design depth for the berth pocket was -9mCD. 
    • Placement of 55,000m3 of 6A fill material.
    • Placement of 4,100m3 of secondary rock armour 
    • Placement of 9,300m3 of Primary rock armour 
    • Placement of 6,235m2 of geotextile fabric
    • Additional to the original scope, we received and stockpiled all rock materials which arrived at the project via rock vessel. 

A design change mid-way through the project, related to the new quay piling, required FMD to source/cross-hire a larger long-reach excavator to place the rock armour from the landside only. This EX1900 long-reach excavator with a 40m reach was sourced from Europe and worked on the project for 10 weeks. 

Equipment used on the project:

  • Dinopotes Dredger
  • EX1200-7 long-reach excavator (30m reach) 
  • ZX490-6 Super Long Front excavator
  • ZX490-6 excavator
  • Seal Carr Tugboat
  • 2 X Bell B30E Dump Trucks 
  • 335m3 hopper barge 
  • EX1900-6 Long-reach excavator (40m reach) 
  • TS01 Dredger Barge
  • TS02 Flattop Barge
  • Willcarry 1117 Flattop barge (with crawler crane onboard) 
Dredger and Excavator in Leith Outer Berth Sea View

Forth Ports

John Graham Construction

Port of Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Demolition of existing steel outer jetty structure.Dredging & disposal. Placement of Rock Armour.

14 months (Feb 23 to March 24)


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