Greencastle Breakwater


FMD was contracted as the Main Contractor for the construction of the Greencastle Breakwater Project. The project involved the importation and placement of 250,000 tonnes of 3 different rock material types, as an extension to an existing breakwater structure. Construction was achieved within the 34-week contract period and within the budget. The structure’s bed level reached -17mCD which provided an average18m of water below the floating equipment. The base of the structure spanned 90m wide, with a top crest width of 4.5m. The natural tidal currents within the Foyle estuary proved extremely challenging for the duration of the project. Four separate Quarries were engaged to supply the rock materials to the project. 

The project was executed by utilising our Tara Marie dredger with EX1200 Triple Boom Grizzly to place and profile the lower half of the structure, and our EX1200-7 Long Reach to place and profile the top half of the structure. Our ZX890 and ZX300 long-reach excavators were also utilised for finishing off the top sections of the structure. Most of the core material (180,000 tonnes) was placed using a split hopper barge and tugboat and this was critical to the success of the project. The larger underlayer and armour rock materials were transported to the breakwater via dump trucks for final placement. 

Equipment used on the project:

  • Tara Marie Dredger with EX1200 triple boom Grizzly Excavator
  • EX1200-7 long-reach excavator
  • ZX890 long-reach excavator
  • ZX300 long-reach excavator
  • ZX530 excavator
  • ZX210 excavator
  • Chloe May Tugboat
  • 2 X Bell B30E Dump Trucks 
  • 335m3 hopper barge 
Breakwater Construction Project in Greencastle Co Donegal With Excavators and Equipments


Donegal County Council


Foyle & Marine Dredging 


Greencastle, Co. Donegal  




34 weeks (April – November 23)


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