Dunmore East Harbour, Dunmore East, Co Waterford

Challenges presented

  • Rock breaking throughout Dunmore East Harbour

The €6m Dunmore East harbour dredging project was awarded to L&M Keating Ltd by the Department of Marine & Natural Resources in May 2015. One of the major aspects of the project was the breaking and removal of 3000M³ of rock to allow unimpeded navigation of larger vessels at low water.

Due to the volume of rock involved FMD mobilised the Dredger Aoibheanne equipped with a G130 Rammer 9T hammer and independent power pack. The harbour per-survey and project design level were uploaded into the Prolec dig system for optimum production, accuracy and to prevent unnecessary over breaking of rock.

On completion of the inner rock removal FMD mobilised 1 x 450M³ split hopper barge from Baars / Coast Works to dispose of the non-contaminated material encountered in the approach channel. Foyle & Marine’s tug Ada Dorothy tug towed the 450M³ barge to the nominated disposal location 2.5NM from the harbour. A total of 5000M³ was removed from the approach channel to complete the project to specification.

The project was managed in conjunction with L&M Keating’s removal of 30,000M³ of soft material which required stabilisation before being transported off site via road. Another major point worth mentioning is that the harbour remained fully functional for business throughout this project.

Dunmore East Outfall

Department of Marine & Natural Recourses

L & M Keating

Dunmore East Harbour, Co Waterford

Rock Breaking, Dredging & Disposal Operation

10 Weeks | Oct 2015 – Dec 2015


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