Arklow Harbour Dredging

Challenge presented on this project.

  • Removal of 95,000M ³ of material to develop the outer receive pit 900M off Arklow Harbour.
  • Removal of 32,000M³ of Contaminated Dredged Material (CDM) from Arklow Harbour and place in the pre dredger receive pit.
  • Backfilling the Receive pit with pre-dredged / stockpiled material

Foyle & Marine Dredging were awarded principal dredging contractor for Arklow Harbour dredging project by L & M Keating’s. The primary objective of the project was to reinstate the original harbour depth to accommodate both local fishing and pleasure craft and to encourage external business back to the harbour.

Due to the presents of Contaminated Dredged Material (CDM) in the proposed harbour dredge area. The project required the CDM material to be disposed of in an outer receive which was then sealed and capped with pre-dredged material.

Foyle & Marine deployed two spud leg dredgers Aoibheanne & CW-6565 to dredge the outer receive pit and to capitalise on the summer weather. Two 335M³ split hopper barges were managed by the tug vessel Ada Dorothy and work boat MT1 assisted where necessary. Both spud leg dredgers operated an EX1100 & EX1200 excavator equipped with a Prolec PCX Pro system eash. A 24Hrs 7Day per week dredging operation was required to execute the pit in the required time frame.

As the receive pit had to be capped and sealed , all dredged material was transported 500M north to a designated stock pile area for re-use, sealing and capping the pit off once the CDM material was deposited.

On completion of the pit, FMD relocated to the harbour and commenced the removal of CDM material for disposal into the now pre-dredged receive pit. To ensure FMD maintained program the sectional spud leg dredger C-6565 focused on the approach channel and turning basin and the Aoibheann was deployed to the inner harbour basin. The Aoibeanne’s wing tanks were removed to allow the 14M wide dredger through the 12M wide entrance and were reinstalled once inside the entrance. To reduce the spread of CDM material during dredging FMD installed visor??? buckets on both backhoe buckets and a silt curtain was also required across the inner basin entrance.

On completion of the harbour dredging FMD engaged UK Dredging to assist with the back filling of the outer receive pit. UK dredging assigned the Trailer Suction Dredger (TSD) Orca to the project and FMD managed the back filling and capping operation in accordance with the project specification. The TSD allowed the Foyle & Marine to maintain the project programme and achieve completion before the winter weather settled in.


Wicklow Co Council

L & M Keating

Arklow, Co Wicklow

Receive pit development 95,000M³
CDM Removal from harbour 32,000M³

35 Weeks May 2014 – November 2014


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