Demolition  Services | Ireland & UK

Foyle & Marine Dredging has always provided a marine demolition service, as we have the necessary equipment to access structures that are not easily accessible from land. To date, we have plenty of experience with the demolition of concrete & steel jetty structures, steel and timber pile extraction, submerged pipeline removal, vessel demolition, and removal. 

Several options are available to execute a marine demolition, be it Long-reach excavators operating on a barge or land to break structures, barge-mounted crawler cranes to lift platforms or extract piles with a vibrating hammer, number of dredger barges available to excavate out old piles at a maximum toe depth up to -19m, flattop & hopper barges to hold the demolition materials, and several more. 

Along with the above, we also provide the service of separating and processing the materials for onward licenced disposal, once they are recovered to land.